7 Video Games Designed Around Blockchains

What happens when blockchain technology meets gaming? That’s a question a lot of developers are currently trying to answer, as it’s a largely unexplored concept with a ton of potential. By incorporating a blockchain, for instance, it’s possible for players to literally own their in-game items, creating an in-game economy with real-world value. And that […]

7 U.S. Politicians Who Have Publicly Embraced Cryptocurrency

The U.S. government has, for the most part, taken a wait-and-see approach to the development of cryptocurrency and related blockchain technologies. Thanks to high-profile projects like Facebook’s Libra cryptocurrency — which may pose a serious disruption threat to the traditional American banking establishment — politicians from both sides of the aisle are now scrambling to […]

9 Innovative, Surprising, and Just Plain Weird ERC-20 Tokens

When Ethereum opened up their blockchain to non-ETH tokens using the ERC-20 standard, it was doing more than simply opening the door to a flood of easily created alt-coins and ICOs. It was creating a new blockchain ecosystem. Today, there are thousands of ERC-20 tokens on the Ethereum network, each experimenting with new ideas and […]

5 Big Banks That Are Betting Big On Cryptocurrency

Big banks have been deeply skeptical — and openly antagonistic — about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology from the very start. It’s not hard to understand why, either. Bitcoin and other cryptos represent a real disruption in the international finance system’s status quo, and possibly even an existential threat to the traditional banking business model. Perhaps […]

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5 Surprising Cryptocurrency Mining Hotspots

One of the most overlooked elements of the cryptocurrency revolution is the game-changing economics at work in crypto mining. Mining bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies requires specialized hardware, a strong internet connection, a lot of electricity — as much as possible — and not much else. It’s good if the area is naturally cold, to save […]

5 Awesome Properties You Can Buy With Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is quickly becoming the payment option of choice for international real estate transactions. It’s easy to see why. No pesky wire-transfer delays, and no need for bankers and their annoying fees. In a matter of moments, millions of dollars in value can transfer from once person to another, streamlining the entire purchasing process. As […]

5 Game-Changing Startups Powered By Blockchain Tech

For most people, the benefits of blockchain technology is a complete mystery. If they understand the blockchain concept at all, it’s as the underlying core of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. They may even be aware that certain kinds of data or services can be “tokenized,” but how that translates into a functioning business model just […]

5 Reasons Why The Legal Marijuana Industry Is Betting Big On Cryptocurrency

For the last decade, two new industries have been reshaping both business and culture on a global scale: legal marijuana and cryptocurrency. It’s no coincidence that both of these industries arose from failed government policies, and that both benefited heavily from an early association with underground marketplaces. But now that legal weed (and other THC/CBD […]