5 Ways Cryptocurrency Is Making Life Better For The Unbanked

Roughly 1.7 billion people around the world don’t have access to bank accounts or basic financial services. That’s a fifth of the entire population of the planet. And it’s not just in developing countries, either. Researchers estimate that around 10 million Americans — about 7.7% of American households — are also “unbanked.” While many tech […]

5 International Blockchain Headlines You May Have Missed

Only a few years ago, the idea of a blockchain-driven revolution in technology seemed like little more than sci-fi speculation and wishful thinking. Today, blockchain-powered solutions are already changing everything from international trade deals to local transportation payments. Blockchain has become a truly global phenomenon. In this post, we’re taking a look at five recent […]

7 News Stories About Facebook’s Libra You May Have Missed

Even though Facebook’s Libra project may still be months — or even years — away from launch, this hasn’t stopped the stablecoin from dominating conversations at the highest levels of global finance. While cryptocurrencies like bitcoin have long presented a vague, if largely hypothetical, challenge to the authority of central banks and government regulators, the […]

5 Top DApps For Crypto Collectables

One of the most powerful qualities of blockchain technology is that it allows for absolute ownership of a virtual good. A crypto token on a blockchain can’t be moved, traded, or divided without access to its private key, making it an ideal solution for creating virtual money. But not all crypto tokens need to represent […]

4 Blockchain News Stories You May Have Missed

In the drama-hungry world of technology news, cryptocurrency always seems to steal the spotlight. But while crypto is definitely exciting — who doesn’t like watching BTC and ETH’s price bounce around? — it’s just one part of the greater story of blockchain innovation. In fact, some of the most exciting developments in blockchain tech have […]

5 Reasons Things Are Looking Grim For Facebook’s Libra

Earlier this year, Facebook stunned the global finance industry when it announced plans to launch a new, blockchain-based payment platform called Libra. The cryptocurrency-like stablecoin was already backed by some of the biggest players in the finance industry, each chipping in $10 million to join the self-governing Libra Association. Poised for a near-immediate launch, Libra […]

7 Countries Considering A National Cryptocurrency

In 2017, the South American nation of Venezuela made international headlines when President Nicolás Maduro announced plans to create a new, government-backed cryptocurrency called the Petro. While many observers claimed that the Petro was likely a last-ditch attempt to save the country’s heavily sanctioned, hyper-inflation prone, and rapidly disintegrating economy, the basic idea behind it […]

5 Truly Cryptocurrency Friendly Countries

The world’s biggest and most powerful countries are currently wrestling with the legal, financial, and structural challenges presented by an increasingly cryptocurrency-ready global economy. In some countries, such as China, cryptocurrency is often seen as a serious threat to the nation’s banking system, and effectively banned from everyday use. Other countries — notably the U.S. […]

5 Recent Ethereum News Stories You May Have Missed

For the last several months, cryptocurrency news coverage has been dominated by headlines about bitcoin. That’s understandable, as bitcoin is the biggest name in the cryptocurrency industry. At the same time, major developments on that other major blockchain — Ethereum — have gotten substantially less coverage. As the blockchain network that drives countless ERC-20 tokens, […]

5 Stunning Alt-Coin Revelations From The 2019 Inactive Coins Analysis

Last week, cryptocurrency code-tracking firm CoinCodeCap published their 2019 Inactive Coins Analysis. The report examined the development of more than 2,000 post-launch cryptocurrency projects, tracking both their code-publication history, availability on exchanges, and overall market cap. While long-time cryptocurrency observers will not be surprised by the report’s findings that many once-hyped tokens are effectively dead, […]