3 Alt-Coin Mining News Stories That May Surprise You

It’s a strange time in the cryptocurrency world, particularly for second-tier tokens that don’t have the market cap size and name recognition of massive projects like bitcoin. Keeping an “alt-coin” project going requires an entire community, and now that the world is finally taking the idea of cryptocurrency seriously, those communities are facing new challenges. […]

5 Silly, Weird, And Ridiculous Crypto Collectables You Can Buy Right Now

In the world of blockchain-based collectables, the relationship between demand and supply can become a little distorted. Sure, there may only be one specific ERC-721 or ERC-1155 token representing some incredibly rare object or character in a DApp or game, but is that token really worth as much as a new IRL car? Then again, […]

3 Cryptocurrency Mining News Stories You Should Be Following

For understandable reasons, the vast majority of cryptocurrency news coverage is focused on the price movements of a handful of valuable and well-known tokens. To understand what’s really going on in the cryptocurrency industry, however, you have to dig a little deeper. Truly important developments often go completely unnoticed, particularly when it comes to the […]

3 International Blockchain Technology News Headlines

One of the most exciting things about blockchain technology is the boom in innovation it has created all over the world. Thanks to the open-source nature of blockchain development, small teams of developers in remote and isolated areas have been able to create some truly noteworthy projects. Here are three recent news stories about new […]

3 Recent Alt-Coin News Stories You Shouldn’t Miss

Big things are happening in the cryptocurrency industry, and it’s not always easy to stay on top of all the week’s biggest news. While major players like BTC, ETH, and XRP tend to grab the headlines, some of the most interesting stories are happening in the alt-coin industry. As you’ll soon see, this wild and […]

Cryptocurrency Market Caps: Top 5 Tokens Compared To Major Corporations

Just how valuable are the top five cryptocurrencies on the market? While the price of individual tokens can offer one kind of answer — BTC is worth around $8,600 at the moment — this doesn’t really account for the larger impact and value of the entire network. The best tool for understanding the big picture […]

3 International Blockchain News Stories You Should Be Following

Thus far, 2020 has seen a huge explosion in blockchain-related international news stories. The world finally seems to be warming up to this game-changing technology, and recognizing its potential benefits for both governments and the private sector. In this post, we’re taking a look at three recent stories that relate to blockchain’s rapid rise. 1. […]

3 Cryptocurrency Business News Stories You Should Know About

Over the past few years, cryptocurrency has become increasingly seen as one of the most exciting and innovative fields in technology. Crypto-based business are going mainstream in a big way, generating major headlines in the process. Here are three cryptocurrency business news stories you should be aware of. 1. Gemini launches “captive” cryptocurrency insurance company. […]

3 Blockchain News Stories You Shouldn’t Overlook in 2020

It may have taken nearly a dozen years, but the technology sector finally appears to be catching onto the game-changing potential of the blockchain. Major companies are now experimenting with blockchain solutions, and even governments are testing out the technology in new and innovative ways. It’s more than possible that 2020 will be remembered as […]

3 Reasons To Be Skeptical Of A 2020 Alt-Coin Rally

With bitcoin’s block reward “halving” set to take place in May, there’s a lot of speculation — not to mention excitement — about the possibility of major rally across the entire cryptocurrency market. After all, cryptocurrency tokens of all kinds began their climb to all-time highs in the months after the 2016 halving. Additional factors, […]