7 Video Games Designed Around Blockchains

What happens when blockchain technology meets gaming? That’s a question a lot of developers are currently trying to answer, as it’s a largely unexplored concept with a ton of potential. By incorporating a blockchain, for instance, it’s possible for players to literally own their in-game items, creating an in-game economy with real-world value. And that […]

7 U.S. Politicians Who Have Publicly Embraced Cryptocurrency

The U.S. government has, for the most part, taken a wait-and-see approach to the development of cryptocurrency and related blockchain technologies. Thanks to high-profile projects like Facebook’s Libra cryptocurrency — which may pose a serious disruption threat to the traditional American banking establishment — politicians from both sides of the aisle are now scrambling to […]

9 Innovative, Surprising, and Just Plain Weird ERC-20 Tokens

When Ethereum opened up their blockchain to non-ETH tokens using the ERC-20 standard, it was doing more than simply opening the door to a flood of easily created alt-coins and ICOs. It was creating a new blockchain ecosystem. Today, there are thousands of ERC-20 tokens on the Ethereum network, each experimenting with new ideas and […]

5 Big Banks That Are Betting Big On Cryptocurrency

Big banks have been deeply skeptical — and openly antagonistic — about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology from the very start. It’s not hard to understand why, either. Bitcoin and other cryptos represent a real disruption in the international finance system’s status quo, and possibly even an existential threat to the traditional banking business model. Perhaps […]

New ProudDemon Campaign

Hello Everyone! Summer’s coming and with all of the sunny days ahead, you will need some sunglasses!  Our newest company campaign, ProudDemon, offers a variety of different styles and colors of sunglasses for everyone. With our ProudDemon campaign, you can get 20 CLM if you complete BOTH of these tasks: 1. View the YouTube video 2. […]

Installing Your CoinClaim Chrome Browser Extension

Install the NEW CoinClaim Chrome browser extension now! Be the first to earn more FREE CLM by participating in exclusive Quests and Challenges only available through the extension. Earn CLM not available on the CoinClaim.io website. Click here to install it now! Or click here to learn more about the extension. The CoinClaim extension provides […]

CoinClaim Causes A Stir: Amplifying Engagement On Social Media

One of the best strategies for a viral social media marketing campaign is to get users to engage with you and our Twitter feed is evidence of how well our platform has done in its pursuit of this particular goal. At the time of writing, our ongoing test campaign for CoinClaim’s automated crypto bounty program […]

CoinClaim – Revolutionizing Viral Organic Social Media Growth

CoinClaim is buzzing! Our automated bounty program has reached unprecedented levels of success and we have the analytics to prove it. Note: the unabridged version of this blog post can be found on our Medium page, where we provide the full analytics and an in-depth analysis of the CLM test campaigns. Social media marketing is […]

CoinClaim Launches New User Referral Program

CoinClaim.io has just launched an internal referral program for it’s automated crypto marketing system. Current users who refer new customers can cash out even more of CoinClaim’s internal CLM token than before. The referral program is simple. Every registered user at CoinClaim has an assigned referral link displayed on the referral program page which can […]