5 Silly, Weird, And Ridiculous Crypto Collectables You Can Buy Right Now

In the world of blockchain-based collectables, the relationship between demand and supply can become a little distorted. Sure, there may only be one specific ERC-721 or ERC-1155 token representing some incredibly rare object or character in a DApp or game, but is that token really worth as much as a new IRL car? Then again, isn’t this built-in rarity part of the argument for cryptocurrencies in general?

In this post, we’re taking a look at five utterly strange things — fully virtual ones — that you can buy for cryptocurrency.

1. CryptoKitty #683976 for 5,226 ETH: While there are literally dozens of collectable “Kitty” tokens for sale at the perfectly unreasonable asking price of $999K (or 999 ETH, the maximum value allowed), any good investment needs room to grow. Nicknamed “McAffe,” this Generation 13 banana-cream and royal-purple colored cartoon cat will only set you back a cool $925,000 in Ethereum.

2. MyCryptoHeroes #50020017 for 17.5 ETH: Sure, you could invest upwards of 55 ETH ($9,800) on some Level 99 hero with maxed-out everything. But where’s the fun in that? Instead, why not pick up this sweet Legendary “Grande Armée” rifle to equip on your favorite hero? It’s a steal at just $3,097 in non-crypto normie bucks.

3. Decentraland plot at 22,2 for 800,000 MANA: Who doesn’t love virtual real estate? On Dentraland, you can own the absolute, blockchain-backed “land” rights to virtual property. What can you do with it? Build stuff on it, of course. And for just $28,800 worth of MANA tokens, you can buy this plot. What makes it so valuable? No clue.

4. Neon District “Jack Head” for 2.5 ETH: Set in a cyberpunk neo-noir universe, most of the stuff for sale in Neon District involves RPG-like buffs to your characters. What does this “Legendary Jack Head” do? It appears to be a very rare kind of haircut, with some associated character buffs. That said, for just $442 at current ETH prices, you could probably do worse.

5. Gods Unchained #57761201 for 200 ETH: Perhaps the best known blockchain-based collectable card game out there, Gods Unchained allows players to buy, sell, and trade rare cards without the risk of someone “accidentally” spilling cola all over them during a game. Is “Jason, Medea’s Muse” really worth $35,000? It’s hard to say. Is a vintage 1993 Black Lotus card from the alpha release of Magic: The Gathering really worth $166,000?

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29th January, 2020 / Category - News