How CoinClaim Raises Their Game with Satorify

Over the past several days CoinClaim has announced their new platform,, and highlighted some of its features: increased opportunities to earn, improved security through KYC, faster withdrawals, etc. Now we want to outline the improvement about which we’re most excited: includes a leveling-up system that teaches you skills for the gig economy, offers increased rewards for more proficient members and helps everyone progress towards their personal goals.

We wanted to make earning more enjoyable, so we made it more like a game!

Satorify will host a multitude of trainings covering all the different types of gigs that we offer and more. As you complete trainings and gigs, you will unlock experience and badges. Once you have sufficient experience, you will level up! Each new level will offer more complex training and increased rewards. Satorify is making earning fun, engaging and valuable.

We created CoinClaim to give our members around the world an opportunity to participate in the gig economy. By launching Satorify, we expand that vision to teaching new skills and how to set and reach goals.

So, start thinking about what you want to achieve–Satorify will be ready help.