Two NEW Campaigns!

The CEO of Coinbase is looking for more tokens to list and has asked people to ReTweet his Tweet. If CLM is listed on Coinbase, it will be easier to trade your CLM at a higher price. We have two separate campaigns running for 75 CLM each, so make sure to complete both! In order […]

Introducing Micro-Rewards!

CoinClaim now has new Micro-Rewards that you can claim throughout every day – sometimes as many as one per hour! We will be running many small campaigns throughout the day, so be sure you log in every day and all day long so you don’t miss out. Campaigns will reset regularly. Some Micro-Reward campaigns are […]

CoinClaim is Hiring!

We are looking for 5 CoinClaim users who are good at marketing to help us spread the word about CoinClaim! You must be proficient in English. You will earn a regular payment of bitcoin per month for your work + CLM bonuses If you are interested, send your information or CV to [email protected]

5 Surprising Cryptocurrency Mining Hotspots

One of the most overlooked elements of the cryptocurrency revolution is the game-changing economics at work in crypto mining. Mining bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies requires specialized hardware, a strong internet connection, a lot of electricity — as much as possible — and not much else. It’s good if the area is naturally cold, to save […]

5 Awesome Properties You Can Buy With Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is quickly becoming the payment option of choice for international real estate transactions. It’s easy to see why. No pesky wire-transfer delays, and no need for bankers and their annoying fees. In a matter of moments, millions of dollars in value can transfer from once person to another, streamlining the entire purchasing process. As […]

5 Game-Changing Startups Powered By Blockchain Tech

For most people, the benefits of blockchain technology is a complete mystery. If they understand the blockchain concept at all, it’s as the underlying core of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. They may even be aware that certain kinds of data or services can be “tokenized,” but how that translates into a functioning business model just […]

5 Reasons Why The Legal Marijuana Industry Is Betting Big On Cryptocurrency

For the last decade, two new industries have been reshaping both business and culture on a global scale: legal marijuana and cryptocurrency. It’s no coincidence that both of these industries arose from failed government policies, and that both benefited heavily from an early association with underground marketplaces. But now that legal weed (and other THC/CBD […]

9 Embarrassing Times The Media Predicted The Demise of Cryptocurrency

Traditional news outlets have been deeply skeptical of all things cryptocurrency from the very start. At every downturn in the market, the business press has been poised to declare bitcoin — and later Ethereum and other cryptos — “dead,” “dying” and “doomed.” While there have certainly been bleak moments for investors in the last decade, […]

7 International Universities And Colleges That Accept Cryptocurrency For Tuition

The meteoric rise of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology came as a complete surprise to the academic world. Universities and colleges were completely blindsided by this new field, scrambling over the last few years to create even basic courses on the topic. Even now, it’s hard to escape the feeling that many of these institutions aren’t […]

5 Governments Who Have Embraced Cryptocurrencies For Taxes And Fees

Governments are understandably skeptical about cryptocurrencies. After all, by their very nature cryptos aren’t backed by state institutions, making them impossible to directly control through banking policies and traditional financial rules. Cryptocurrencies are also notoriously unpredictable, and if there’s one thing governments don’t like in their tax payments, it’s price volatility. And yet, there’s also […]