Update to the Referral Program Terms

Hello all.

We wanted to let you know about an update to the referral program terms for the CLM token. This is only related to the CLM token referral program and not any other client token bounties or campaigns.

As you know, CoinClaim awards you 50 CLM tokens for every referral you make. In order to release these 50 tokens, we originally required your referral to earn 600 CLM of their own. The idea behind this is to ensure that real active people are being referred. This helps us reduce fraud and continue to operate and give value to the CLM token.

We made the decision today to reduce the number of tokens required by your referral to earn in order to unlock referral bonuses. We have changed the requirement to 475.

Any user of CoinClaim can earn an easy 455 by claiming all available bounties + the daily log in bonus. This leaves either 4 days of daily login bonuses by your referral or one referral made by the person you referred.

We believe this is fair to everyone. Please understand that CoinClaim is a business and we need to be sure the system is protected above all else. If we have to discontinue the referral program because of abuse, it would be unfair to those who play by the rules.

A fair system makes your tokens more valuable.

We will be announcing a CLM withdrawal policy early next week.

Thank you

The CoinClaim Team

The CoinClaim User Referral Program

Earn more tokens for referring your friends!

Welcome to the CoinClaim referral program. It’s easy to earn even more tokens by referring other crypto or token enthusiasts to CoinClaim. Simply copy the referral link available on the Dashboard inside your CoinClaim account. It will look something like this:


It is important that you give people this exact url. Otherwise, you may not get credit for the people you refer.

Here’s how it works:

  • Grab your referral link and promote and post as much as possible (please see the terms for restricted activities.)link to terms
  • For every new user you refer, you earn 50 CLM as soon as they earn 600 CLM. Your referrals can earn these tokens through campaign completions (currently 450 CLM), daily logins (5 CLM every day) or referring new users (50 CLM).

Here is the current program structure. In order to unlock your award, your referred user must claim a certain number of tokens in CoinClaims:

Token Referral Claim Tokens to Unlock Token Award to You
CLM 600 50