5 Times Cryptocurrency’s Price Plummeted Due To Politics

Almost from the moment it was created, cryptocurrency has had an uneasy relationship with the world’s governments. Perhaps that’s not surprising, given that bitcoin was specifically created in response to the global bailout of the commercial banking industry, whose greed and lack of oversight caused the 2007 financial crisis. While many politicians and government officials […]

5 Ways Crypto Is Making Life Easier For Sex Workers

Even in this modern, enlighted, and liberated era, having an honest, open conversation about sex work isn’t an easy thing to do. That’s unfortunate, because exotic dancers, adult film stars, and other “erotic performers” face some very serious challenges, particularly when it comes to financial security. Because they work in a marginalized field with few […]

9 Disastrous Cryptocurrency Heists

Even though cryptocurrency uses nearly unbreakable mathematical principles to create the most secure form of currency ever devised, it’s by no means a flawless system. The networks may be secure, but the software written and used by cryptocurrency exchanges and companies can be surprisingly vulnerable to attack. When hackers find a flaw in this code, […]

5 Crypto Scams To Watch Out For

In many ways, cryptocurrency is the Wild West of international finance. It’s seen as a lawless frontier, attracting con artists, fraudsters, and scammers of all kinds. While the day-to-day reality is a bit more mundane, there are still plenty of risks out there for would-be crypto investors and experienced HODLers alike. After all, why would […]

Introducing Micro-Rewards!

CoinClaim now has new Micro-Rewards that you can claim throughout every day – sometimes as many as one per hour! We will be running many small campaigns throughout the day, so be sure you log in every day and all day long so you don’t miss out. Campaigns will reset regularly. Some Micro-Reward campaigns are […]

5 Unbelievable Cryptocurrency Price Predictions

Imagine how absurd the concept of bitcoin trading at $12,000 would have sounded to even the most optimistic of tech investors and speculators back in 2013. The idea that an experimental digital token, already trading at a sky-high $120, would be worth 100 times that value in just six years would have been laughable. And […]

12 Weird Cryptos: Where Are They Now?

In 2017, Forbes published an article titled Cryptos In Wonderland: 12 Of The Weirdest, Wackiest Coins. The story looked at a dozen tokens that the magazine claimed were both “silly and stupid,” and lightly mocked each one in turn. The article also mentioned the market cap of each token, driving home the overall point about […]

7 Pop Song Parodies For The Cryptocurrency Crowd

To understand the impact that cryptocurrency is having on global culture, simply look at how many pop song parodies the topic has inspired. Musically inclined people with a real passion for bitcoin, blockchain, and countless related topics have invested countless hours trying to fit those ideas around the melodies and rhythms of popular songs. Even […]

5 Major Companies Experimenting With Blockchain And Cryptocurrency Tech

Big companies aren’t known for being early adopters of innovative and disruptive technology. After all, they’re usually the ones having their proven, entrenched business models disrupted by those lean, hungry, and agile innovators. When the first wave of Silicon Valley-backed blockchain and cryptocurrency startups began to make their presence known in the mid-2010s, promising to […]

5 Exciting DApps To Keep An Eye On

Blockchain technology has enabled the decentralization of more than just money. While cryptocurrency is still the best-known use case for blockchain tech, it’s hardly the only useful application of the concept. A growing number of decentralized applications — DApps, for short — have helped to highlight the potential of blockchain for a wide variety of […]