5 Reasons Alt-Coin Bulls Are Excited For 2020

After a year-long price “bloodbath” that has seen many once-popular tokens lose as much as 90% of their trading value, the tide appears to be changing for alt-coins. The price of Ether (ETH), for example, has grown by more than 125% since late August, while tokens like Ripple Lab’s XRP have seen single-day price gains […]

5 Reasons Why Blockchain For Real Estate Could Be The Next Big Thing In Crypto

The real estate industry doesn’t exactly have a reputation for being on the cutting edge of technology. Most real estate deals are tediously slow, relying on antiquated government record systems, middlemen service providers, and delay-prone traditional payment channels for even relatively simple transactions. But what happens when these records, services, and payments are updated with […]

5 New Developments In Facebook’s Libra Cryptocurrency

There’s no question that Facebook’s planned Libra project has changed the conversation about cryptocurrencies. Backed by a consortium of major corporations and financial institutions, the token has forced lawmakers, regulators, and consumer advocates all over the world to take the concept of a non-government backed digital currency seriously. Not surprisingly, the Libra project has also […]

5 New Blockchain Smartphones: What We Know

While most people seem fairly comfortable with the idea of using their smartphone as a payment device — just ask any ApplePay user — cryptocurrency users are something of a special case. It may be a pain if a hacker steals your credit card information, but in most cases the stolen funds can be returned […]

5 Reasons Bitcoin Bulls Believe 2020 Will Be A Breakout Year

On December 19, 2017, bitcoin defied even the most optimistic price predictions to reach an all-time-high of $20,089. It was a dramatic end to an incredible year for bitcoin’s biggest advocates — the “bulls,” in finance lingo — helping to establish cryptocurrency trading as a legitimate piece of the global financial market. As 2017’s highs […]

7 Surprisingly Listenable Cryptocurrency Tracks

Does the cryptocurrency revolution need an anthem? In addition to challenging the status quo of global financial system, cryptocurrency has proven to be a potent force of musical inspiration. Need proof? Just look at the dozens of popular bitcoin and crypto-themed music videos that have collectively racked up millions of views on YouTube. Of course, […]

5 Cryptocurrency-Business Connected Celebs You May Not Know About

Even though the tabloids would prefer otherwise, most celebrities like to keep their private lives truly private. This is particularly true when it comes to how they invest their money, as a stock purchase or ownership stake in a company can easily be interpreted as an endorsement, rather than as a savvy business move. Plenty […]

5 Celebrities Who Have Fully Embraced Cryptocurrency

Plenty of famous actors, musicians, athletes, and other celebrities have expressed their curiosity and confusion about cryptocurrency. Some have served as cryptocurrency advocates, championing the concept of bitcoin and other tokens on their social media feeds. A few celebs have even sold their personal endorsements to new tokens and ICOs — with decidedly mixed results. […]

7 Crazy Theories About Bitcoin’s $600 Price Drop

Steep price declines are nothing new for bitcoin, but when the price of BTC plummeted by more than $600 on Wednesday, analysts across the internet were more than a little surprised. The bulk of the 7% price decline took place over the course of an hour — the fall from $10,270 to $9,780 taking only […]

7 Wacky, Wild, And Weird Cryptocurrency-Powered Games

Game developers love innovative ideas, exploring new systems, and inventing new game mechanics. It’s hardly surprising that many game devs have turned their attention to the blockchain, easily one of the most exciting new technologies of the 21st century. There’s a lot of experimentation going on in the blockchain-backed, cryptocurrency-fueled game world these days, much […]