The CoinClaim User Referral Program

Earn more tokens for referring your friends!

Welcome to the CoinClaim referral program. It’s easy to earn even more tokens by referring other crypto or token enthusiasts to CoinClaim. Simply copy the referral link available on the Dashboard inside your CoinClaim account. It will look something like this:

It is important that you give people this exact url. Otherwise, you may not get credit for the people you refer.

Here’s how it works:

  • Grab your referral link and promote and post as much as possible (please see the terms for restricted activities.)link to terms
  • For every new user you refer, you earn 50 CLM as soon as they earn 600 CLM. Your referrals can earn these tokens through campaign completions (currently 450 CLM), daily logins (5 CLM every day) or referring new users (50 CLM).

Here is the current program structure. In order to unlock your award, your referred user must claim a certain number of tokens in CoinClaims:

Token Referral Claim Tokens to Unlock Token Award to You
CLM 600 50

CoinClaim Launches New User Referral Program has just launched an internal referral program for it’s automated crypto marketing system. Current users who refer new customers can cash out even more of CoinClaim’s internal CLM token than before.

The referral program is simple. Every registered user at CoinClaim has an assigned referral link displayed on the referral program page which can be found by clicking the Affiliate link in the menu once logged into the site. Users promote CoinClaim through their link and earn coins for every referral they make. You can see how the referral program works here.

Currently, the system is set to reward users 50 CLM tokens for every referral who subsequently earns 600 CLM tokens, which they can do easily by completing campaigns, collecting the daily login tokens, or referring other users.

There are no limits to the number of new users you can refer. However, you should see the terms for important anti-fraud measures. Abuse will not be tolerated and coins may be forfeited.