CoinClaim – Revolutionizing Viral Organic Social Media Growth

CoinClaim is buzzing! Our automated bounty program has reached unprecedented levels of success and we have the analytics to prove it.

Note: the unabridged version of this blog post can be found on our Medium page, where we provide the full analytics and an in-depth analysis of the CLM test campaigns.

Social media marketing is a difficult challenge, but is also truly essential for the growth of any business in the digital age and creating viral content through organic growth is what separates a good marketing strategy and a great marketing strategy. Our team of experienced marketing specialists have taken a revolutionary concept and found the answer to turn your business into a brand.

Our concept is a marketing tool using 100% crypto for all marketing campaigns, including bounties.

By adding cryptocurrencies into the mix for social media marketing, we could create an incentive for everyday users to share content wherever they can in exchange for a small payment of cryptocurrency.

We spent the majority of 2018 developing the CoinClaim platform, which automatically rewards users with our internal token (CLM) in exchange for promoting your brand, product or token. The system works with Bitcoin, Ethereum or any ERC-20 token and businesses can easily set up a profile when registering at

From there, they can use a simple wizard to create a campaign where you set out the tasks for users to complete in exchange for CLM. Users can simply register and browse through the series of tasks and pick which ones they want to complete. As is the case with any software, we have had a few bugs to work out, but we recently began a test campaign using CLM to ensure that everything is running smoothly before we offer our solution to clients. And, as high as our expectations were for CoinClaim, we have been blown away by its success so far.

Here are some broad highlights of what we have achieved from the 43 campaigns that we ran:

  •    19,585 user registrations
  •    62,818 completed marketing tasks by our users
  •    24,377 daily login tasks claims
  •    112,226 total campaign views
  •      Traffic to the website increased by 1,400% once the platform kicked into gear.
  •      CoinClaim’s Bounce Rate is currently 31.8%. 27% better than the average bounce rate of 58.8%.
  •      CoinClaim’s conversion rate from homepage, passing through email verification to account creation is an astounding 28.5%
  •       social reach is minimally ~865k in this short amount of time (34,582 completed marketing tasks by our users X 25)
  •      Facebook engagements have increased by 1442%
  •      Facebook post reach has increased by 2797%
  •      Twitter profile visits have increased by 1145.8%
  •      Mentions have increased by 5377.9%%
  •      Twitter followers have increased by 9343%
  •      Our Tweets got 758000 impressions (an increase of 1145.8%)

We advise you to check out the aforementioned Medium post and take a closer look at our numbers, but it’s suffice to say that our test campaigns were a resounding success. The figures presented are completely unprecedented and our numbers are growing by the day. Yet, while we have been taken aback by the extent to which we are succeeding, we are confident that we are starting to realise the goals we set out to achieve this year.

For now, we have built up a solid user base, which takes us to the next phase of our project, building a company client-base, who are ready to leverage our large user database and experience explosive organic growth like we have.

With regards to the latter, stay tuned for a big announcement in the next few days!