7 Video Games Designed Around Blockchains

What happens when blockchain technology meets gaming? That’s a question a lot of developers are currently trying to answer, as it’s a largely unexplored concept with a ton of potential. By incorporating a blockchain, for instance, it’s possible for players to literally own their in-game items, creating an in-game economy with real-world value. And that may just be the tip of the iceberg.

Here are seven video games that incorporate blockchain and/or cryptocurrencies into their designs.

1. Cheeze Wizards: Developed by Dapper Labs, the creators of the digital collectable craze CryptoKitties, Cheeze Wizards is billed as “world’s first blockchain battle royale with cheese.” It’s not exactly clear how the game will actually work, but players can purchase cheese-themed sorcerers for ETH, and battle it out for a grand prize pooled from player purchases.

2. Nine Chronicles: Very little is known about Nine Chronicles, but that hasn’t kept the mobile RPG from generating headlines thanks to the efforts of South Korean developers Planetarium. According to an interview with CoinDesk, Nine Chronicles will run on its own dedicated blockchain, rather than piggybacking on an existing one. The devs also plan to release the game’s code as open-source software, perhaps helping to launch a wave of new blockchain-powered games.

3. Gods Unchained: This collectable card game appears to draw inspiration from competition-ready games like Hearthstone or Magic: The Gathering, with the added dimension of having something approaching real-world card ownership using the Ethereum blockchain. The idea is that players truly own their cards, and can trade them freely using the game’s built-in marketplace.

4. EOS Knights: Developed around the EOS blockchain, EOS Knights is probably best thought of as a proof-of-concept rather than a fully developed game. Players build a team of heroes to fight monsters and baddies, and are rewarded with loot and experience. It’s basic mobile game stuff, but the twist is that loot and player-crafted items can be sold on the game’s marketplace for EOS.

5. Axie Infinity: Inspired by Pokemon and Tamagotchi, this game uses the Ethereum blockchain to generate unique jellybean-like creatures called “Axies.” Each Axie has unique traits, similar to the CryptoKitties app. You raise your Axies by doing daily activities with them, battle them against others to gain experience, breed them to create new Axies, and — of course — sell them to other players for ETH.

6. Spells of Genesis: Built to work with the bitcoin-connected Counterparty platform, Spells of Genesis is a hybrid of a trading card game, a deck-building game, and a tactical arcade game. Players can battle for in-game tokens to build their decks, or they can purchase and upgrade cards using the multi-platform BitCrystals (BCY) token.

7. F1® Delta Time: Described by the developers as a game that “will run on the Ethereum blockchain,” there are a lot of unanswered questions about F1® Delta Time. Even though it appears to have official licensing from Formula 1, all that is known for certain about it is that it will “center around the collection and trading of unique cars, drivers and components.” How will the racing work? “The racing section of the game is still in development,” explain the devs on the site’s FAQ. Why did this unreleased game make the list? Because people seem to already be taking it very seriously. In May 2019, an anonymous bidder spent 415.9 ETH (worth $113,000 at the time) for “1-1-1,” the game’s first virtual Formula 1 race car.

26th June, 2019 / Category - News