7 Surprisingly Listenable Cryptocurrency Tracks

Does the cryptocurrency revolution need an anthem? In addition to challenging the status quo of global financial system, cryptocurrency has proven to be a potent force of musical inspiration. Need proof? Just look at the dozens of popular bitcoin and crypto-themed music videos that have collectively racked up millions of views on YouTube. Of course, some of these tunes are better than others, but the best of them are actually pretty entertaining.

If you want to feel the cryptocurrency cultural zeitgeist, you should start with the most listenable blockchain-adjacent tracks. In this post, we’re taking a look at seven cryptocurrency-themed songs that also keep you in the groove.

By the way: Several of these tracks include not-safe-for-work language, so use your headphones if you plan on listening to them at the office.

1. Bitcoin Rap Battle Debate: Hamilton vs. Satoshi

Who wins in a rap-battle throwdown between the founder of the American financial system and the pseudonymous creator of cryptocurrency? You might think that this would be a one-sided lyrical duel — even verging on bitcoin propaganda — but the end result is relatively nuanced. Then again, what else would you expect from Epic Rap Battles of History’s Epic Lloyd as Hamilton facing off against TimDeLaGhetto’s Satoshi? Also, keep an eye out for some noteworthy cryptocurrency-famous cameos in the crowd.

2. “Bitcoin Billionaire” by Remy

A great work of satire requires a deep understanding of its subject, and Remy clearly understands the essentials of the cryptocurrency mining game. He also has a solid sense of humor: “I put the RAM in the RAM slot / drive in the larger bay / topped it off — two fans / like Charger’s game!” It’s a fun song with a decent beat, even if the references are a little dated, and it’s definitely worth a listen.

3. “Buy The F*#!ING Dip” by Coin Bros.

If nothing else, the Coin Bros. are committed to their gimmick of creating fun, bouncy rap tracks aimed directly at the cryptocurrency crowd. With plenty of tracks to choose from — “The McAffee Effect” starring John McAffee himself, and the bitcoin-blowhard ode “We Talking Crypto,” for instance — what track serves as the best introduction? Why not start with the short-and-sweet “B.T.F.D.”?

4. “Digital Gold” by 88N8

Most cryptocurrency-themed rap tracks have their tongues firmly planted in their cheeks, using satire and comedy to spread their message. But what does a sincere crypto-rap song sound like? Look no further than 88N8’s “Digital Gold,” which is a straight-up track about the many virtues of the blockchain with a mildly trappy backing beat. Give it a shot.

5. “Welcome To The Blockchain” by Toby + Decap

In the right hands, music can transform feelings of righteous anger and deep frustration into an urgent and defiant message of change. That’s clearly the goal with “Welcome To The Blockchain” by rapper Toby Ganger and producer Decap, which frames the innovations behind crypto as a battle against banks, governments, and big corporations. Along the way, it gives a surprisingly informative overview of why cryptocurrency matters in the first place.

6. “10’000 Bitcoins” by Laura Saggers

Looking for a non-hip-hop cryptocurrency song? How about a catchy little folk-pop ditty from U.K.-based artist Laura Saggers? It’s less about the world-changing potential of technology, and more an upbeat ditty about the power of love, but that’s not a bad thing.

7. “Tinkerer’s Anthem” by Proof of Beats (ft. Andreas Antonopoulos)

It’s not fair or accurate to call “Tinkerer’s Anthem” a song. It’s more of a polemic against the conventional wisdom about the adoption of radically new technologies — taken from a speech by noted cryptocurrency advocate Andreas Antonopoulos — set to music. It’s not the kind of thing that’s going to make bust out your best dance moves, or even bob your head in time with the beats, but it just might make you think.

6th September, 2019 / Category - News