50% Bonus on CLM Token

Here’s something special. We’re not sure if anyone else has done this before, but starting on December 10, 2018 until the end of the year, we’re hosting a 50% bonus promo on CLM tokens if purchased from an exchange.

Make an account on the exchange:


Here are the steps to get your  Free 50%:

  1. Buy between 6,000 and 24,000 CLM tokens.
  2. Transfer your purchased tokens from the exchange to an ERC-20 wallet.
  3. Send the Etherscan.io transaction ID and wallet address from this transfer to [email protected]
  4. Hold your tokens for at least 30 days. At the end of 30 days, we will transfer 50% of the original purchase of CLM tokens to the wallet on file.
  5. Participants can view the progress of this promo here:

Terms for this promo:

  1. Valid only on CLM purchased from the exchanges.
  2. Valid for only the original registered amount of CLM tokens. For example, if you add more CLM to the same wallet, you will only receive 50% bonus on the original transfer. You can send other purchases to separate wallets and get the 50% bonus on those purchases.
  3. If any of the originally purchased tokens are transferred from this wallet before the 30 day term, the 50% bonus offer is null and void.
  4. Registration ends on December 31, 2018 or when the bonus amount is reached.
  5. US customers not accepted