5 Weird Cryptocurrency Collectables You Can Buy Right Now

If there’s one maxim that every cryptocurrency trader knows by heart, it’s that one should always “buy the dip.” Now that the gift-buying insanity of the holiday season is finally over, there’s a ton of cryptocurrency collectables on the market that are priced to move. Now is the perfect time to grab great deals on some really odd, totally impractical, cryptocurrency-themed items that someone out there wants to sell you.

Let’s take a look at five unexpected, strange, and wacky cryptocurrency collectables you can buy right now.

1. Chocolate Bitcoins: These milk-chocolate sweets are essentially Hanukkah gelt for the blockchain generation. Don’t expect them to be a tasty treat — these kinds of gifts are typically made of very low-quality chocolate with a very long shelf life — but they make for a decent enough gag gift. While not exactly a steal of a deal at $10 for 14 MCT (milk chocolate tokens), it’s still a better exchange rate than plenty of alt-coins and ICOs currently on the market.

2. Plush “To the Moon!” Rocket: The idea that bitcoin’s price will eventually skyrocket “To the moon!” is one of the oldest memes in the cryptocurrency community. Until the bitcoin moonshot actually happens, however, it’s probably not a bad idea to have a huggable, plush toy to squeeze every time the price stumbles in the direction of the sub-basement instead. Then again, with a $35 price tag you may be better HODLing.

3. Alt-Coin Coffee Mug Anyone who has been following the alt-coin side of the cryptocurrency market for a few years may find the image on the coffee mug to be a truly bittersweet reminder of a less cynical age. How many of the 230 alt-coin logos depicted here are still being actively traded? A few dozen, perhaps? With each passing year, this caffeine-keeping memento will become an increasingly somber document of the crazy survival-of-the-fittest contest that was the alt-coin market in the late 2010s. At $4.99 (plus shipping), it’s a great collectable for the most of wistful cryptocurrency investors.

4. Crypto Token Boxing Glove Set What’s the story behind this cryptocurrency-themed miniature boxing glove car ornament with matching keychain? No clue. Then again, does it really need a story? The boxing gloves kind of say it all, right? These pugilistic keepsakes appear to be available for every major cryptocurrency. The price seems reasonable as well, at just $12.35 per set (plus $5.19 for shipping from the U.K.).

5. Cryptocurrency Socks Collection: Newcomers to the virtual currency community might not be aware of this fact, but cryptocurrency and socks go way back. In the very early days of bitcoin, one of the few merchants who actually accepted them was a seller of alpaca socks. As a result, “alpaca socks” became an early crypto meme, but you really had to “be there” for it to be funny now. With that in mind, what better way to relive the glory days of the early 2010s than by purchasing this set of crypto-token themed socks featuring BTC, ETH, LTC, XLM, and XMR logos? There are worse things you could buy for $20.

27th December, 2019 / Category - News