5 Celebs With Surprising Cryptocurrency Connections

Just like everyone else, famous people are increasingly curious about this whole “cryptocurrency” thing. Unlike everyone else, however, celebrities also have the rapt attention of their millions of fans. When a celebrity starts talking about bitcoin or other cryptos, even if it’s just in passing, people from outside the blockchain world take notice.

In this list, we’re going to take a look at five celebrities with surprising connections to cryptocurrency — from serious investment to mild curiosity.

1. Nas: Having earned his fortune in the ’90s and early 2000s as feud-prone rapper, in recent years Nas has repositioned himself as a disruption-focused investor and venture capitalist. As an early backer of startups like Dropbox, Lyft, and Robinhood, it’s clear that Nas knows a thing or two about making smart investments. In 2013, Nas earned his cryptocurrency bona fides when his VC firm QueensBridge Venture Partners invested an undisclosed sum in Coinbase.

2. Katy Perry: Even though she hasn’t exactly said it yet, it’s possible that pop star Katy Perry is a true believer in cryptocurrency. She made headlines in 2018 when she posted her cryptocurrency-themed nailjob — calling them her “CrYpTo ClAwS” — to her 79 million Instagram followers. More impressively, in 2017 Perry also had a face-to-face chat about bitcoin with noted cryptocurrency skeptic (and billionaire) Warren Buffett.

3. Snoop Dogg: In his post-rap career, Snoop Dogg appears to have mostly focused on promoting a wide variety of marijuana products — when he’s not hanging out with Martha Stewart, that is. On more than a few occasions, however, Snoop has ventured into cryptocurrency. In 2013, for instance, he tweeted “My next record available in bitcoin n delivered in a drone.” In 2018, Snoop appeared at the BlockchainWeek event in NYC, giving a concert to promote Ripple’s XRP token.

4. Michael Keaton: Some of the most tangential celebrity connections to crypto can be the most interesting. In 2017, Keaton was leaving a restaurant in Hollywood when he was approached by the paparazzi. At first, Keaton rushed past the photographers, but he stopped cold when one of them asked him about his thoughts on buying bitcoin. “You know what’s funny? I was just talking to my buddies about that!” Keaton said, explaining that his friends were split on the idea. He added “It’s really interesting though, the concept.”

5. Lily Allen: While she may not be a household name in the U.S., Lily Allen is genuine celebrity in her home country of the U.K. thanks to multiple number one hit songs like “Smile” and “The Fear.” In 2014, shortly after bitcoin’s first rise over $1,000, Allen tweeted: “About 5 years ago someone asked me to stream a gig live on second life for hundreds of thousNds of bitcoins, ‘as if’ I said. #idiot #idiot” Had Allen accepted BTC as payment, her one-time performance would have netted her a few billion dollars by 2019.

29th June, 2019 / Category - News