5 Awesome Properties You Can Buy With Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is quickly becoming the payment option of choice for international real estate transactions. It’s easy to see why. No pesky wire-transfer delays, and no need for bankers and their annoying fees. In a matter of moments, millions of dollars in value can transfer from once person to another, streamlining the entire purchasing process. As a result, there is a staggering variety of great options for the discerning crypto-holding, world-traveling property investor. Isn’t it time to move past the idea of spending your hard-earned bitcoin or ETH on a Lamborghini? Why not start thinking about luxury real estate instead?

In this post, we’ll take a look at five magical properties across the globe that you can buy with cryptocurrency.

1. Off-Grid Villa in Costa Rica: Located in the mountains of southern Costa Rica is the lovely resort community of Ciudad Cortés. And there, on top of the Macho Monte ridge, is a 3 bed / 2 bath villa overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Some of Costa Rica’s most pristine beaches are mere kilometers away from this stunning property, although there’s a pool and patio if you would prefer to stay at home. Better yet, the house is fully solar powered. It’s also perfect for the budget-minded reader of this list, priced at just $297,000 or 35.3 BTC.

2. Spanish Getaway Designed By Frank Lloyd Wright: Known locally as Rancho Domingo, this picturesque property sits on a 1-acre tract just outside of the seaside Andalusian town of Benalmádena. Designed by acclaimed American architect Frank Lloyd Wright, this 5-bedroom villa also has a small guest house, as well as a pool and countless other amenities. It’s also a protected heritage site, making it a steal for just 160 BTC (or $1,350,000).

3. Luxury Mansion in Thailand: While 177.7 BTC ($1.5 million) might get you a decent-sized house in the U.S., in Thailand your cryptocurrency goes just a little farther. It can buy you a 9,800 square foot mansion on the island of Ko Samui, for example. This 6 bed / 8 bath house comes with everything — pool, jacuzzi, sauna, built-in cinema room — but the real value of this hilltop residence is in the view, overlooking both the ocean and the bustling city below.

4. Private Ski Resort in the French Alps: In the heart of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region of southeastern France is the tiny town of Megève, population 3,259. It’s a classic Alpine ski resort town, catering to the rich and famous. For only 588.4 BTC ($4.9 million or 19381.6 ETC, if you prefer), you can own a lodge to put even the snobbiest of European nobility to shame. Luxury isn’t having a 6 bedroom house with an entire floor dedicated designated as a “child dormitory.” It isn’t jacuzzis, massive living and dining areas, or even a personal elevator. It’s having a 10-car garage that, should the whim strike you, be “easily converted” into a two lane bowling alley.

5. Incredible Midtown Manhattan Townhouse: Originally constructed to serve as the residence for brothers at the Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in the area then-known as Hell’s Kitchen, this townhouse has been transformed into something a little more worldly in function. It’s now a 5 bed / 5 bath mansion in one of the most desirable areas of Manhattan, with 22-foot ceilings, a garden, and a rooftop terrace. All this can be yours for 1,423 BTC ($12 million).