3 Simple Tasks That Can Earn You Real Cryptocurrency

Did you know that you can earn real cryptocurrency — like bitcoin, for example — by doing simple marketing-driven tasks on social media? It’s true. These tasks are unbelievably simple to do, often taking just a few seconds to accomplish. While the fees for any individual task tend to be small — often just a few cents each — it doesn’t take long at all for those payments to add up to real money.

The best so-called “clickwork” providers prefer to keep their operations as efficient as possible, eliminating the fees and processing charges that would eat away at their freelancers’ earnings. This makes social-proof marketing a perfect use case for cryptocurrency. Let’s take a look at three ways you can earn real cryptocurrency doing very simple tasks.

1. Like an Instagram post. For most up-and-coming brands, Instagram is the premier social network for building an active and engaged audience. The more likes that the brand’s posts have, the more marketing buzz they create. To help get this process started, marketers are more than happy to pay social media freelancers — sometimes called “clickworkers” or “micro-influencers” — to give these posts a nudge in the right direction.

2. Share a Facebook post. In terms of social media reach and influence, it doesn’t get bigger than Facebook. Unfortunately, Facebook’s algorithms heavily favor marketing content from older, established brands. This creates a serious problem for smaller companies with innovative products and services, as their posts tend to get buried in the Facebook feed. Heavily shared content, on the other hand, tends to rise to the top of the feed. By hiring real Facebook users to simply click the “Share” button a brand’s posts, social-proof marketers can help new brands beat the Facebook algorithm to find new customers.

3. Watch a YouTube video. No one wants to watch a YouTube video that only has a dozen views. If it was any good, the video would already have thousands of views by now. Right? Not necessarily. YouTube is a crowded platform — every minute, an estimated 500 hours of new content is uploaded to the site — making it very hard for viewers to discover even the best new videos. That’s why smart marketers hire a few hundred micro-influencers to watch their brand’s latest videos, providing “social proof” to potential viewers that this content will be worth their time.

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3rd January, 2020 / Category - News